Weingut Balthasar Ress

Area under vine: 42 ha / 109 acres
Main grape varieties: Riesling, Spätburgunder
Bottles per year: 250,000

In 1870, the Balthasar Ress winery was founded in Hattenheim. What began with a butcher's shop and a restaurant quickly developed into a wine trade and a winery, which today is one of the leading businesses in the region and in the country. Today, almost 150 years after its foundation, the Balthasar Ress Winery is still completely owned by the Ress family. Stefan and Christian Ress are the fourth and fifth generation. In 2009, Dirk Würtz joined the estate and took over responsibility for winemaking and viticulture. Oliver Schmid has been at his side since 2014. Together, they develop what makes up the Balthasar Ress wines today.

We are Rheingau winegrowers and our wines reflect what our soils, microclimate and philosophy can achieve. We produce native wine - the counter-design to the interchangeable mainstream. Wine with character and great potential. Since 2010, we have slowly and continuously incorporated "organic viticulture" for our vineyards. Every year, we have converted additional areas and in 2016 have certified the entire company. We work with nature and not against it and take the right time into account in everything we do.

”Mediocrity sucks“ (Christian Ress)