Burg Ravensburg

Area under vine: 38 ha / 94 acres
Main grape varieties: Riesling, Blaufränkisch (Lemberger)
Bottles per year: 170,000
Certified organic

Weingut Burg Ravensburg is located in Sulzfeld and is the sister estate of Weingut Heitlinger. Together, they form one of the biggest family-owned organic estates in Germany. Burg Ravensburg vineyards were first documented in 1251, looking back at a history that spans more than 760 years. The mineral-rich gypsum keuper soils that you find in the vineyards are more than 230 million years old and give birth to well-structured, straightforward wines with a firm body. Burg Ravensburg’s premium wines are from the Grosse Lage sites Dicker Franz, Husarenkappe, and Löchle. Riesling predominates, followed by Blaufränkisch, also known as Lemberger, and members of the Pinot family. In 2014, in order to emphasize the individuality of Kraichgau wines, Burg Ravensburgopted for the designation “Blaufränkisch”, because it is used more often in international markets. According to winemaker Claus Burmeister, “Viticulture can be viewed as craftsmanship that is closely entwined with nature or regarded as a creative activity.” Both Kraichgau sister estates believe that neither excludes the other, rather they complement each other.

“High above the Kraichgau towers of the Ravensburg Castle, wine has been cultivated here for more than 750 years. The favorable location, the mineral-rich soils and the special devotion of the winemakers were already the basis for outstanding wines. And they are still today.”