Von Hövel

Area under vine: 21.5 ha / 53 acres
Main grape varieties: Riesling
Bottles per year: 150,000
Certified FAIR'N GREEN

The winery Von Hövel looks back at a long history: the cellar has existed for more than 1,000 years and the family has owned the estate for over 200 years. Max von Kunow, after years of exploring the world of wine, took over the winery in 2010, after years of traveling, exploring the world of wine and introduced a new, enthusiastic winemaking approach. When he came back to continue his father’s work, the results were stunning: Saar-Riesling at its best.

The wines are fermented by indigenous yeast in traditional old Fuder barrels and are characterized by the typical steely crispness of the Saar wines. Max’s specialties are “Prädikat”wines with a distinctive level of residual sugar, from fresh Kabinetts to complex Ausleses. Low in alcohol, but with a perfect balance of ripeness and acidity, these wines are the ideal combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern needs. The grapes grow mostly on Devon slate in the estate’s three top vineyards Oberemmler Hütte, Kanzemer Hörecher and the world renowned, legendary Scharzhofberg. Winemaking processes are always handled with care, clear high-quality vision, responsibility and sustainability. The estate is certified “Fair & Green” and Max von Kunow is involved in many social projects, such as the “Twin Wineries Initiative”.

“Natural wines made out of stone”