Fonseca declares 2016 Vintage

Fonseca has announced that it has declared 2016 as a classic vintage. The announcement was made on 23rd April, 2018 in keeping with house tradition. Comments on the Fonseca 2016 Vintage Port are as follows:

Adrian Bridge, Managing Director:

"The Fonseca 2016 has the finely constituted fruit which is a hallmark of the house style, with an attractive minerality. It is worth noting the quality of the tannins, one of the key attributes of the 2016 vintage. This was a year of low yields and this is reflected in the amount of vintage port offered."

David Guimaraens, Head Wine Maker:

Commenting on the viticultural year: "The harvest of 2016 will be remembered as having started very late. Fonseca's Quinta do Cruzeiro started picking right at the end of September and Quinta do Santo António at the beginning of October. This was due to the late start to the ripening season and to the long and very even maturation of the crop. Balance is certainly one of the keynotes of the vintage". Commenting on the wine: "The gradual and even ripening of the crop has produced beautifully balanced Fonseca 2016 Vintage Port, with pure fruit, firm but well integrated tannins and an attractive freshness."

Fonseca 2016 Vintage will be shipped later in the year and should be available in most markets by the autumn.

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