Champagne - found again, after more than 100 years

Pol Roger has recovered the lost treasure from the rubble of a collapsed cellar: The rescued champagne should be impeccable.

On February 23, 1900, the Pol Roger winery collapsed in Épernay. Responsible was the extreme cold and humidity that destroyed the walls: the floor over the cellar collapsed and the street level sank by four meters. It buried 1.5 million bottles and 500 barrels of wine and champagne under the winery. Pol Roger's sons, Maurice and Georges, hoped to recover the spilled bottles, but after a similar setback on the nearby property of Godart-Roger just a month later, made them give up.

Nearly 118 years later, Pol Roger rebuilt a new packaging plant on the same lot, with drilling demonstrating the first champagne bottle, according to Decanter. So far, a total of twenty bottles of champagne were discovered, which are dated between 1887 and 1898. The contents of the recovered bottles are still intact, according to the champagne house.

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